About us

A&R PHARMA S.r.l. is a pharmaceutical company specialised in the development of food supplements and medical devices in the field of natural antivirals.

The Company, with over 20 years' experience, focuses on researching and developing innovative solutions to fulfil therapeutic needs that haven't been solved on existing products so far.

The most important products are: Herpaso Plus an innovative lip balm for the treatment of chronic and recurring symptoms of cold sores, Herpaso Genital, an innovative spray that fights genital herpes and Herpaso Zoster, a gel that relieves and reduces the resolution time of the shingles.

A&R PHARMA selects and markets a line of products under its own brand directly and autonomously in Europe and in the Middle East, through a network of Scientific Informers (ISC) who connects the products to the medical class and a network of multi-mandate agents.