Frequently asked question

Shipping cost

Shipping costs € 3.99 for orders under 26 €.

For orders over € 26, shipping is free.

The masks have a space between one state and another, like a pocket, do you need to insert any filters?

There is no need for filters, they are effective this way, they are simply double-layered for high filtration.

Shipping time

3/4 working days.

Press office contact

Write to

Does a pack of three masks contain masks of the same color?

Yes, the pack of 3 masks contains masks of the same color.

Do you have a list of pharmacies where the masks are present?

You can consult the list of pharmacies where to find Herpaso Plus at this link.

What is the cost and quantity of a pack of masks?

The pack of 3 masks can be purchased at a price of 12 €.

Is it possible to pay on delivery?

We do not make payments on delivery.

On the cardboard of some packages there is written 10 washes and in others 20, is there a difference?

No, because they are all 20 washes only that the tests were done after the printing of the cards, so some are still 10 washes but are washable 20 times.

Cosa vuol dire?On the Herpaso mask cards it is written "the use of the mask as an individual protection device is prohibited" (in reference to a high-risk health or work environment). What does it mean?

The personal protective equipment (IDP) are only the ffp2-ffp3 so we are medical surgical devices registered with the ministry.

So we turn out to be surgical.

And where the obligation to use the ffpp is expressed, we cannot replace it. And normally these ffp2-ffp3 are required in a mandatory way at institutions such as hospitals / health facilities. But we can go to replace the surgical, because we are surgical medical disposition.

Is it better to wash them by hand or in the washing machine? How many degrees / with what soap?

They can be washed both by hand and in the washing machine up to 60 degrees, with neutral soap.

Have the masks been approved by the ministry of health?

Yes, write an email to to have the certifications.

Do masks protect both me and others?

Yes, they filter both inbound and outbound.

Are the masks like the surgical ones or like the ffp2? What is the difference?

Surgical masks filter 80% outgoing and 20% incoming, our masks filter more than 98.5% both inlet and outlet. As for filtering they are comparable to ffp2 but the product is certified as a class 1 medical device.

The main difference is that to be certified ffp2 they must pass tests on blood spatters that we have not passed, for this reason they are not certified as ffp2 but filter as such.

To find out more, our article.

Is it possible to change the order?

If the order has not already left our warehouse it is possible to change it by writing to 

After how many hours should the masks be washed?

8 hours of use approximately.

What is the inner and outer side of Herpaso mask?

The inside of the mask is marked with two arrows.

On the outside there is the wording "medical device".

Can Herpaso Plus be used during pregnancy?

Yes, for information visit: "Herpes labiale in gravidanza: come curarlo"

Can Herpaso Plus be used for nasal herpes?


How often should Herpaso Plus be used daily?

We recommend frequent use of Herpaso Plus, about 7/8 times a day.

Is it possible to buy directly from your office?

We do not have a physical store, the headquarters indicated on the site are our offices.

You can find the pharmacy closest to you here: elenco farmacie
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